Thursday, February 13, 2020

Opportunity for Technical Assistance for Small and Mid-size Cities

CityHealth to Support Small and Mid-Size Cities

Are you a local leader in a small or mid-size city interested in learning more about putting stronger policies in place to improve the health of your city’s residents? CityHealth partners with the nation’s largest 40 cities, and is eager to support small and mid-sized cities in using policy to create healthier and more vibrant communities. The initiative is currently recruiting for a pilot project exploring how it can expand to mid-sized and smaller cities, defined as a jurisdiction with a population of less than 275,000. CityHealth will select a small group of cities to participate in the initial pilot, and will provide training materials and technical assistance to guide participants as they do their own assessment of their policies.

What kinds of policies? Complete streets, affordable housing, pre-kindergarten, smoke-free indoor air and healthy food procurement, to name a few.

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