Wednesday, June 12, 2019

New Resource Examines Health Center and Housing Partnerships

Addressing Health Equity through Health and Housing Partnerships:

Health equity describes the ability of all people to access care and achieve good health without regard to race, income, neighborhood or community, housing status, or other characteristics. Institutional racism and segregation produce unequal access to opportunities for education, employment, and wealth in the form of homeownership, leading to gaps in social determinants of health (e.g.  housing stability) which have driven and continue to reinforce significant health disparities. 

This resource explores how health centers and supportive housing providers, both of which target underserved populations and operate with holistic, client-centered approach to care, are uniquely positioned to advance health equity and offers suggestions for how health centers and supportive housing providers can work together and on their own to identify and address disparities and advance health equity.

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