Wednesday, April 24, 2019

What can you do about systemic racism?

What's race and racism got to do with health? Here are a few facts (check out  VISION for more data). In 2017:
  • the percentage of African American adults in Colorado with prediabetes was twice as high as the percent of white adults in the state;
  • the percent of African American adults in Colorado with high blood pressure was more than 7% greater than that of white adults in the state.  

Access to and quality of care provided to people of color may be different than for whites; racial segregation and its impact on living conditions are factors as well; physiological reactions to chronic stress also affect the development or worsening of cardiovascular disease. Read more here

What can we do about it?

Join Dr. Tyler and Dr. Tyler and community partners for The Race Talk University: Dialogue & a Day of Action on Saturday, May 11, 2019 at 9:00am-12Noon at Shorter Community AME Church,3100 Richard Allen Court, Denver, Colorado, 80205. This is the centerpiece event for an ongoing action group who has been working to reimagine & envision systems free of racism/white supremacy. The event is free and will be open to the community! 

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