Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Colorado's Infant Safe Sleep Partnership - What is safe sleep?

Colorado’s Infant Safe Sleep Partnership is a statewide coalition working to promote infant safe sleep.
We are recruiting families to develop a photo gallery of caregivers with their infants in safe sleep

The photos will be used to promote safe sleep education throughout the state to ensure all
infants sleep safely, every sleep. Your home could be a valuable resource to show other families
what safe sleep looks like and keep all babies safe. Parents and caregivers can take simple steps
to reduce the dangers of unsafe sleep environments.

What is safe sleep?
Here are the safe sleep guidelines that we’d like to see for photos:

Currently there are very few images of families practicing safe sleep. The photos are outdated and
not representative of what families actually look like in Colorado.

We are looking for families with infants under four months of age who are willing to allow a
photographer to visit your home to photograph you, your infant, and your safe sleeping environment
(see above). Keep in mind, we want your home to look like you live there, so no pressure to clean!

These photos may be used in a number of places, such as in Infant Safe Sleep Partnership materials,
Child Fatality Prevention System materials, and with other partners such as CDPHE,
CDHS and other national partners working on safe sleep.

For more information or to participate, please contact:
Megan Stayton at or 303-692-6444.

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