Friday, June 29, 2018

Denver Housing Authority Featured in New Toolkit

Are you interested in integrating health and housing practices? Many practitioners are noting the biggest housing challenges contributing to inequitable health outcomes in their communities are unaffordable housing, segregation based on race and income, poor-quality housing, and housing instability.

ChangeLab Solutions recently released The Health & Housing Starter Kit, to help local institutions take their first steps toward creating bold, innovative health and housing initiatives. The guide provides case studies of 3 institutions, including Denver Housing Authority, that have been working on health and housing initiatives for over 10 years. The starter kit covers a range of issues such as forming partnerships with communities and other institutions, developing indicators to understand and evaluate your efforts, and crafting messages to build support.
Be sure to check out the Porch Light Debates on the Denver Housing Authority story on ChangeLab's site, too. There you'll find much more conversation about community engagement and the root causes of housing inequities.

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