Friday, March 2, 2018

National podcast by two former governors highlights Colorado Family Planning Initiative

In this special podcast episode from WBUR's iLab, former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm — both Democrats — explore what is working well in America, across the aisle and across the country. 
This podcast covers the Colorado Family Planning Initiative, which subsidized long-acting reversible contraceptives. Colorado saw results, including a 54 percent drop in unplanned teen pregnancies, 64 percent fewer abortions and nearly $70 million in averted social assistance costs.
“It’s not just a win-win, it’s a win-win-win-win," said Dr. Larry Wolk, head of Colorado's health department, "because we have positive health outcomes, positive financial outcomes, positive social outcomes. There isn’t a single negative I can think of that relates to this program.”
To learn more about the program and meet someone who wants to take it national, take a listen to this episode:

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