Wednesday, March 7, 2018

CHOP culinary training a success

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Cooking up Healthy Options with Plant's (CHOP's) continued partnership with the LiveWell School Food Initiative has led to a second successful year of culinary training. We were ecstatic to work with 65 child-care cooks, directors and community members. Chef Jessica and Fernando worked to empower every attendee while sharing information, answering questions and getting to know the people who feed children in Colorado. These amazing people spent seven hours learning knife skills, food safety, recipe reading, kitchen production and menu writing. The attendees worked throughout the morning learning seven new knife skills. The newly sliced ingredients were then combined to create a wonderful Powerhouse Sweet Potato Chili.

Each year CHOP works with a specific demographic area in Colorado, while in 2017 we focused on Greeley and Pueblo, 2018 brings focus to the Denver Metro area and Colorado Springs. If you feel that your county could benefit from our programming stay tuned. We will ask for demographic interest for 2019 starting in July.

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