Wednesday, October 18, 2017

...a deeper understanding of inequity

In the Colorado Health Foundation's latest blog post, How Charleston Confronted Horror Through a Deeper Understanding of Inequity , we ask: How can you tackle inequity? Look at your immediate surroundings: Your neighborhood, your work, your city or your volunteer time. What is happening that prohibits people from reaching equity in their health, in their pay, in their treatment by our institutions? 

It's fair to say this challenging, self-reflective approach is not the first quality many city residents expect to find in their local police chief. Thus, it's all the more effective and thought-provoking when retired Charleston, S.C. Police Chief Greg Mullen quietly described the painstaking steps he led his department through while changing a deep-seated culture and creating a more equitable city.

Mullen, speaking at the 2017 Colorado Health Symposium, told of balancing his obvious job – public safety – with what he had observed in some incidents as a clear issue in Charleston: "equal treatment under the law," as a Charleston newspaper columnist put it. Beneath the vibrant quality of life that many of Charleston’s residents enjoy, for example, was a deep divide between various segments of the community regarding unequal enforcement of laws involving public drinking and other issues, Mullen said.

Read the full blog post now. 

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