Thursday, July 20, 2017

Colorado health department offers positive youth development tool

Founded on existing literature and informed by communities, Colorado defines positive youth development as a universal approach with a practical lens that cuts across multiple risk factors and across all levels of prevention. PYD in Colorado is an evidence-based approach that guides communities and organizations in the way that they organize services, opportunities and supports so that all youth can be engaged and reach their full potential.

This universal PYD approach allows for all youth-serving and supporting organizations to be able to operationalize PYD regardless of their outcome area of focus. The boundaries for integrating PYD are limitless because at the heart of this "movement" is actually transformation in our culture, norms, and ingrained beliefs about young people- from seeing them as problems to fix to resources to cultivate and engage.
CDPHE offers this positive youth development tool to foster reflection, discussion, and continuous improvement for youth serving entities. 

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