Thursday, June 29, 2017

Foundation Releases Report on Creating Healthier Colorado

Last week, the Colorado Health Foundation released a new report, Creating Healthier Colorado , explaining its decision to create and endow Healthier Colorado, a 501(c)(4) organization. In 2011, when the Foundation began its transition from a public charity to a private foundation, the leadership team concentrated on a unique opportunity: to form a separate and independent 501(c)(4) organization that would focus on health policy advocacy, lobbying and grassroots political activism in the state.

The report outlines the transition to private foundation tax status and evolution of policy engagement, the process behind the formation of 501(c)(4) organization and the advocacy work of Healthier Colorado to date. It showcases how funders have the opportunity to support high-profile advocacy and lobbying organizations while staying within the legal confines of a public charity tax status.

Read a blog from Kyle Legleiter, senior director of policy, and access the report. Questions? Contact Keri Jones, communications officer.

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