Thursday, June 29, 2017

A multi-faceted approach to teach heart healthy habits

Tailored Health Education for Patients with Heart Disease
The American Heart Association is encouraging providers to go beyond brochures at the office when tackling heart health. A new statement released encourages providers to use a multi-faceted approach to help patients and their families learn heart healthy habits after a heart disease related event.  

“As hospital stays and clinic visits get shorter, the responsibility for patient management has increasingly shifted to patients and their families,” said Susan Barnason, Ph.D., R.N., the statement’s lead author and a professor of nursing practice at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Lincoln.

A multi-faceted approach suggests that healthcare providers use several strategies to reach out to patients:
  • Follow-up calls from a nurse to help support patients in making healthy lifestyle choices
  • Provide Registered Dietitians or Health Coaches to overcome barriers they are experiencing
  • Use Technological advances like video conferencing for more accessible provider communication
  • Encourage use of apps to measure and monitor blood pressure

A comprehensive approach to heart disease may be the future of treatment and prevention. Read more about this approach here.

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