Friday, May 12, 2017

Healthy Beverage Partnership launches Hidden Sugar campaign

The Healthy Beverage Partnership (HBP), funded by the CCPD Grants Program at the Colorado Department for Public Health and Environment, is an initiative working to reduce sugary drink consumption and promote healthy food in community venues. The six metro Denver local public health and environmental agencies that make up the HBP recently launched a new regional marketing campaign, Hidden Sugar. 

Metro area residents may see it on TV, billboards, online or hear it on the radio. The goal of the Hidden Sugar campaign is to make it easy for parents and caregivers to see how much hidden sugar is in many of the beverages our children drink (one 10-ounce juice drink has as much sugar as 10 chocolate chip cookies!) and to choose healthy alternatives. Dr. Chris Urbina, campaign spokesperson, was recently interviewed about sugary drinks and healthier alternatives during a recent segment of the Despierta Colorado TV program (the interview is conducted in Spanish). Check out the clip of the TV segment!

Please help share with parents and caregivers. Included is the toolkit that includes English and Spanish templates to share the campaign message, a handout/poster, social media posts, newsletter articles, talking points and health facts. Check out the website at and take the pledge to serve your family healthy drinks. You could win a prize!

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