Friday, May 26, 2017

CDC releases diabetes toolkits

CDC has released two toolkits to support employers in making the business case to invest in diabetes prevention programs. The Diabetes State Burden Toolkit is an interactive website that reports the health, economic, and mortality burden of diabetes.
 Get started by selecting your company’s state from the drop down list on the homepage.
The Diabetes Prevention Impact Toolkit will help you project the health and economic benefits of a diabetes prevention program on a given population at risk for diabetes. This interactive toolkit consists of three modules—one each for states, employers, and insurers—that allow you to enter customized data or use defaults based on national or state averages. Print or download your results to share with stakeholders and colleagues.
 To view the Employer Input Dashboard, select "Employer" on the home page. Simply enter your company's information on the employer input dashboard to project the cost and health benefits of delivering the National DPP.

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