Thursday, April 27, 2017

Health equity RFPs released

The Health Equity Advocacy Strategy (HEAS) is a multi-year funding strategy with the goal to build a strong and diverse field of health equity advocates in Colorado. We believe that building a strong field of advocates—rather than merely strong, individual advocacy organizations operating in isolation—leads to greater sustainability and to advocates’ ability to successfully respond to a changing political climate.

The HEAS “Cohort” is made up of a partnership of 18 direct-service, community organizing and policy advocacy grantees; Social Policy Research Associates, an evaluation firm; and The Colorado Trust. This partnership is working to build and nurture a strong field of organizations that can advocate together to impact policy decisions to improve health equity in Colorado for years to come.

The Cohort has released three RFPs to assist in building racial equity capacity within the Cohort and in the field. Consultant/s and/or groups may respond to more than one RFP. The deadline for all submissions is June 1, 2017.

To download the RFPs for more information, please visit our website. For questions please contact Noelle Melchizedek, advocacy & policy partner, at or 303-539-3134.

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