Friday, February 10, 2017

CU offers network leadership training

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Network Leadership Training Academy
April 26-28, 2017 -- Denver, CO

Do you engage in partnerships as part of your work? Are you a member of a community collaborative made up of organizations focused on a goal? Have you built up a network of partners to help you reach your organizational and professional goals? Are you looking for a place to learn more about how to do this kind of work effectively?

Many people today find themselves working within collaborative networks, but are struggling to find tools and a place to build skills for this new way of connecting across boundaries. The 5th Annual Network Leadership Training Academy (NLTA) is a 3-day interactive workshop offered by the Center on Network Science in the School of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado Denver. This learning opportunity is for network leaders and practitioners from across sectors to develop skills in order to build, manage, and evaluate collaborative networks.

The NLTA creates a space for conversations on network leadership, activities to learn and demonstrate ideas and skills, and practical tools to translate back to practice. Session topics include: 
  • Adaptive Network Leadership
  • Affective Contagion in Networks-Evaluating Process Quality
  • Asset Mapping for Network Leadership 
  • Community Organizing Approach to Network Leadership
  • Evaluating  Networks as Systems
  • Facilitation Skills for Network Leadership
  • Managing Networks 
  • Network Leadership for Collective Impact 
  • Network Way of Working: Building a Network Culture 
  • Tools for Assessing Personal and Community Networks
Visit the NLTA website to learn more about the workshop, agenda and trainers. There are also testimonials from past participants and a brief video on YouTube.

Early registration pricing ends Friday, March 17, and event registration will closeApril 17. Discounted rates and scholarships are available. Be sure to register early -- space is limited, and last year’s NLTA was sold out one month before the event.
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Webinar Series

We hope you can also join us for our Webinar Series: Network Leadership from the Field -- Linking Research to Practice. Check out upcoming webinars to learn about the research, skills and practices of network leadership.

Our next webinar will be held February 15, 2017:

Leading Networks Toward Action: How to Facilitate Effective Discussions with Groups of Diverse Stakeholders
Learn about practical techniques for facilitating discussions, decision-making, and challenges within collaborative networks in order to harness the collective wisdom and commitment of diverse stakeholders. Presented by Kap Wilkes, National Rural Health Resource Center. Click here for more information and to register.

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