Thursday, February 16, 2017

CDC Grand Rounds addresses overcoming barriers to medication adherence for chronic diseases

Medications save lives for countless Americans. People with chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and HIV can enjoy a good quality of life when they routinely take their medicine. Poor medication adherence is linked with poor clinical outcomes. While these facts may seem obvious, a staggering one half of patients in the US stop taking their medications within one year of being prescribed.

The reasons for "medication non-adherence" are varied. Affordability, a lack of understanding of the importance of the medications, and unpleasant side effects are some examples patients cite for for not taking their medications as directed. Beyond increased mortality, the resulting costs are great. Medication non-adherence costs the United States billions of dollars a year. Hospital admission rates increase for non-adherent patients with chronic illness by up to 69 percent.

Join our speakers as they discuss research, interventions, education, and emerging tools and technologies that may help overcome these barriers to medication non-adherence.

CDC's Public Health Grand Rounds Presents

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