Monday, December 5, 2016

Sample Newsletter and Social Media Messages for Heart Health in December

December is a great time to remind friends and family about heart health. If you have newsletters or other social media, here are some sample articles aqnd messages to share:


This Holiday Season, Talk with Your Family about Your Health History and Ways You Can Improve Your Health Together.

For many people, the holidays offer time to spend with family, reflect on the year’s past, and make plans for moving forward. These factors make it the perfect time to talk with your family about your health history and ways you can improve your health together.

We all can take steps to improve heart health, including these:

Talk about the history of heart disease in your family. There are tools that can help, including the American Heart Association’s simple My Family Health Tree; the U.S. Surgeon General’s My Family Health Portrait; and the American Heart Association’s My Life Check.

Find ways to incorporate healthy living habits into your family gatherings. Choose healthier food, incorporate physical activity, make gatherings ‘no smoking’ events, and limit alcohol.

Encourage family members to talk with their health care providers about genetic and lifestyle factors that could impact their heart health. Their provider may want to work with them on the ABCS – aspirin when appropriate, blood pressure control, cholesterol management, and smoking cessation.

You know that even if a person has a family history of cardiovascular disease, they can still live a heart healthy life by adopting heart healthy lifestyle behaviors. So, if your family has a history of CVD, take time this holiday season to empower your family to take action.

Social Media Messages


#DYK even if heart disease runs in your family, practicing healthy living habits can reduce your risk?

This holiday season, talk with your family about your health history & ways to improve health together.

Check out these tools to help manage your family’s risk of heart disease & stroke:,

#HealthPros: Study finds good health habits can reduce the genetic risk for heart attack & stroke.


#HealthPros: Encourage people to talk with their families about their health history and ways to improve their health together. Explain that they can protect their heart health by eating well, exercising regularly, and quitting smoking. Be sure to explain the ABCS of heart health too!

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