Thursday, November 3, 2016

One Colorado releases 2017 Transgender Health Insurance Buyer’s Guide

From now until Jan. 31, Coloradans can shop for health insurance on our state’s own marketplace, Connect for Health Colorado. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), you cannot be denied or limited coverage based on “pre-existing conditions” — including sexual orientation, gender identity, or health conditions including HIV status.

Still, if you’re a transgender Coloradan, finding coverage that meets all your health care needs can be complicated. That’s why One Colorado is releasing our Transgender Health Insurance Buyer’s Guide so that transgender people across our state can see which insurance companies provide complete coverage for transgender Coloradans.

This guide shows the eight insurance companies being sold on Connect for Health Colorado, whether they removed their transgender exclusions, and if they offer comprehensive coverage for transgender Coloradans.

If you are denied care, you may still have to appeal that decision with any insurance company on this list — and the One Colorado team can assist you there, too! If you think you’ve been denied coverage because you’re transgender, contact us by emailing

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