Monday, September 12, 2016

Maximizing Public Health Partnerships with Medicaid to Improve Population Health:

Given the rapidly changing healthcare environment, state public health and Medicaid agencies have even greater reasons to form and strengthen partnerships in order to improve the uptake of evidence-based practices, align resources, and develop collaborations that achieve the Triple Aim. Although Medicaid and public health agencies often use different tools and approaches, significant benefits are seen when the two work together. In fact, a number of partnerships between public health and Medicaid agencies have already successfully demonstrated a shared commitment to improving the health of individuals and communities through strengthened care delivery and cost containment.

The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO), de Beaumont Foundation, and National Association of Medicaid Directors (NAMD) have developed and published materials and resources to continue bridging the gap between public health and Medicaid in order to facilitate innovative policies and improve population health. This initiative addressed key barriers and facilitators to successful Medicaid and public health collaboration through the implementation of a Medicaid-Public Health Expert Group and the development and dissemination exciting new resources:
  • State Case Studies – Detailed accounts of Medicaid and public health collaborations and innovative interventions undertaken in Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Texas, and Vermont.
  • Medicaid-Public Health Learning Series – Factsheets, an issue brief, fictional educational vignettes, webinars, and interviews, all designed to improve the basic understanding of Medicaid and public health and facilitate collaboration.
  • Medicaid-Public Health Resource Library – An online portal to discover best and promising

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