Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Barbara Davis Center announces two new funded position openings

The Autoimmune Screening for Kids (ASK) program at the Barbara Davis Center has two funded position openings:

Program Manager/Screening Coordinator - Sr. PRA Job No. 05654

This is the central position that will be the driving force behind the accomplishment of the ASK program objectives, with responsibility for building and sustaining screening partnerships located across settings (pediatric practices, ambulatory care settings, and school- and community-based clinics), developing and implementing the screening and follow-up protocols; project and budgetary management, and evaluation associated with all aspects of the study objectives.

Assistant Manager/Awareness Campaign Coordinator - Sr. PRA Job No. 05653

This position will have primary responsibility for the development and deployment of a community-wide public awareness campaign designed to increase understanding of T1D and CD in the general population and access to the ASK program.

About ASK

ASK is a just funded grant with the goals of 1) changing public awareness of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) and Celiac Disease (CD), 2) developing an autoantibody screening program for kids 2-17 regardless of family history for T1D and CD, 3) offering education and close monitoring to those screened and found to be at high risk, and 4) developing future intervention studies for those in the general population who are antibody positive.

Go to the University of Colorado careers page to apply for positions by position number.

Contact: Judy Baxter,, 303-724- 7525

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