Thursday, May 5, 2016

FDA rules on e-cigarettes - Colorado supports move to regulate tobacco products equally

The U.S Food and Drug Administration today announced electronic cigarettes, cigars, hookah tobacco and pipe tobacco will be regulated the same way as tobacco cigarettes. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment fully supports this announcement. This historic step will help improve public health and protect future generations from the risks of tobacco use by putting additional restrictions in place that make it illegal to sell tobacco products to minors.

“Every Coloradan deserves to know what they are putting in their bodies when using an electronic cigarette so they can make an informed decision about their health. This is the expectation for virtually every product in our country, and it’s perfectly reasonable to apply those expectations to e-cigarettes,” said Dr. Larry Wolk, executive director and chief medical officer of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. “It’s worth noting this is not a ruling on the effectiveness of e-cigarettes as cessation devices, which at this point is still unknown. Until the data can confirm or deny their effectiveness for that purpose, we will continue to recommend proven strategies to help people quit.”

Dr. Wolk said, “Colorado continues to hold clean air as the standard in our state for both secondhand smoke and vapor, and while some studies have stated e-cigarettes may be less harmful than combustible tobacco products, the safest level of nicotine consumption for any adult in Colorado is zero.”

For more information, see the announcement from the FDA.

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