Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Evidence-based public health training

The Northwest and Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Centers invite public health professionals from around the country to participate in a unique, online training series that covers core concepts, including: 

  • Defining public health issues
  • Conducting community assessments
  • Prioritizing options
  • Evaluating program and policy impacts

Two Learning Options 
Choose the one that best fits your learning style and/or schedule.

Blended Learning
A facilitator will lead guided discussions and activities related to the online content with the cohort of participants. These sessions provide an opportunity for participants to connect evidence-based decision making concepts to their daily work. 

Participants watch recorded lectures by topic experts and, in some cases, complete supplemental readings or do an activity.

The Blended Learning Series is limited to 20 participants who meet biweekly from June 21 to July 26. 

Contact Ashley Rankin for more information.

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