Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Social Determinants of Health: Why is housing an important health issue? Part 2 of 2

The 75-hour work week.

That's what it takes for a minimum-wage worker in Colorado to afford a 1-bedroom rental at the Colorado Fair Market Rent of $804.00. Read the full report HERE.

Housing costs continue to rise faster than income growth; the gap between what low income workers can afford to pay for rent, and the actual cost of rental housing keeps growing. That means people are spending more money on rent as a percent of their total income, which can crowd out paying for other necessities like food, child care and transportation. This is particularly true for households of color. Housing instability also directly affects health, with those who face instability often reporting poorer health overall and greater depression and anxiety.

County human services offices across the state can assist with affordable housing options through government and nonprofit agencies serving your geographic area. You may also contact your local United Way for additional housing and support service referrals.

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