Friday, March 4, 2016

RWJF offers health leadership training

Our nation’s ability to tackle difficult societal and health challenges depends on the skills and creativity of its leaders, and their ability to influence, inspire, and lead in a rapidly changing environment. To make a shift as bold as creating a Culture of Health—a shift that relies on increasing equity and combating the effects of racism and poverty—it is imperative that many of these leaders are from or working in communities with limited resources and opportunities. And to create change at every level of society, they must represent every sector and discipline, recognizing that health is greatly influenced by complex social factors in addition to health care.
This is a revolutionary new leadership opportunity, providing participants with leadership training; advanced curriculum in health policy, community engagement, health equity and other topics; interdisciplinary collaboration, networking, and mentoring; and funding through stipends and grants. Plus, participants do not need to relocate; they will work and learn from their home community.
So if you are—or know of—a leader who is eager to challenge the status quo, break down silos among sectors and disciplines, and promote equity in building a Culture of Health in America, consider applying for our four new change leadership programs:
For more information on all four programs, watch the webinar recording. For specific information on each program, tune into one of the following webinars:

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