Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Understanding Poverty

Join colleagues for Poverty 101—Improving Your Poverty Competency, April 19, 9 to noon at Mile High United Way, 711 Park Avenue West, Denver.

For online registration visit, Poverty 101—Improving Your Poverty Competency

Poverty competency is having a comprehensive understanding of poverty and the skills to effectively eradicate its impacts on learning. It is knowing the history and structural causes of poverty ensure that you are operating from facts not stereotypes.

Poverty 101 is understanding the complexities of poverty and how many different life experiences are labeled “poverty.” It is knowing that working-class poverty experiences are different from situational poverty experiences or generational poverty experiences. It is understanding that families in poverty are struggling in a war zone. It is about operating on the assumption that people are making the best decisions they can within the “shoes” they are wearing. It is fostering a climate of everyone belonging and having the opportunity to shine. It is creating relationships based on identification so people can see they are not so different.

Poverty 101 will provide you with take away tools for making a difference for those living in poverty in your community. Participants will leave with:
  • A deeper understanding of poverty, it’s history, causes, and current national and local facts’
  • Awareness of your own attitudes, beliefs, and values about poverty and those who endure it;
  • Skill sets for communicating and relating more effectively across poverty barriers; and
  • Tools for building strong internal and external partnerships to take a collective approach.
Presenters include Anna Thiesen, a Program Manager with Denver Public Schools Homeless Education Network, Dorothy Leyba, a McKinney Vento education liaison with Denver Public Schools Homeless Education Network and Patricia Hemstreet Vaughan, MA, LSC, a school counselor and McKinney Vento school liaison for Denver Public Schools.

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