Tuesday, January 26, 2016

National Medication Safety Campaign

Adverse drug events (ADEs), are injuries resulting from drug-related medical interventions. They account for 3.5 million physician office visits, 1 million emergency department visits and 125,000 hospital admissions annually. ADEs affect 2 million hospital stays annually and prolong the length of hospital stays from 1.7 to 4.6 days.

The Quality Innovation Network National Coordinating Center (QIN NCC) invites you to participate in the Medication Safety Campaign. Partners will assist the work of the QIN NCC to improve medication safety in communities. 

Some of the goals of the Medication Safety Campaign are to:
Apply patient and family engagement interventions into community-based care programs
Measure outcomes associated with community-based patient and family engagement interventions 
Spread successful patient and family engagement medication safety interventions 

Partners will attend quarterly virtual Campaign events and occasionally assist in content development and presentations for the national Campaign. Partners will also help in the development of medication safety change packages and support testing innovative practices and/or data collection.

Want to join? There are two ways to join the Campaign: 

1. Call 1-800-506-4550


2. Complete the online registration here

To learn more about the QIO Program and the work of QIOs, visit

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