Monday, November 9, 2015

Man Therapy adds military mental health resources in honor of Veteran's Day

In honor of military personnel and veterans around the country, Man Therapy, a free and proven online mental health resource is launching warrior-specific content for Veterans 
Day 2015. The culmination of a multi-year research project into the demand and need around this important population, the Man Therapy team utilized an extensive network of veterans organizations across the country to craft custom content and provide more than 20 new resources which apply specifically to military

It is estimated that the suicide rate among veterans is double that of civilians. This startling fact, combined with numerous other examples of mental health related-issues that are extremely prevalent in military roles such as substance abuse, homelessness, and post-traumatic stress, indicate the desperate need for resources.

Man Therapy is a free, always accessible, and confidential resource for military personnel and Offering an interactive approach and available 24/7, is where men have a virtual appointment with fictional therapist, Dr. Rich Mahogany. By using humor and a no-bullshit approach, Man Therapy meets veterans and military personnel where they are and helps them tackle the mental health issues they face when transitioning to civilian life.

Examples of the new content and resources available now at
 Tips on dealing with topics specific to veterans such as disordered sleep, stress and difficult transitions
 Humorous and heart warming videos
 Sports and recreation programs and camps
 Traumatic brain injury resources
 Information for families to support the veterans in their lives

To date, more than 800,000 unique visitors have visited Man Therapy and 85,000 have completed the "18-Point Head Inspection” – a five-minute quiz to help a man determine his mental health status and the best resources for him. Of these visitors, 51 percent say Man Therapy made them more likely to seek additional help. 

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