Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Denver Hosting World’s First Comprehensive Symposium on Marijuana Management

Denver is gearing up to host the first-ever Marijuana Management Symposium, Nov. 5-6 at the Colorado Convention Center.

“As the first major city in the world to develop tools for the regulation, enforcement and education around legalized, commercialized marijuana, Denver has become the global model for local governments that are adjusting to legalized marijuana or facing the possibility of future legalization,” said Ashley Kilroy, Executive Director of Marijuana Policy for the City and County of Denver.

After Colorado amended statewide laws governing cannabis, Denver became the first major city to legalize recreational marijuana on Jan. 1, 2014. Following a smooth rollout, Denver also became the first success story as well as a valuable resource for other cities attempting to prepare for the administrative, legal, safety and business implications of marijuana legalization.

At the symposium, Kilroy will present Denver’s collaborative approach toward marijuana management, including how the city manages marijuana-related revenue and expenditures, cross-departmental resource allocation, streamlined inspection processes and the considerable task of coordinating the city’s work on marijuana across multiple agencies and among various interested parties.
Additional speakers will cover a range of regulatory and policy topics including public safety, the permitting process, environmental health aspects, inspections, and youth prevention, among others.

As more states face the prospect of legalized recreational marijuana, Denver officials have invited state and local government representatives from around Colorado, across the country and from as far as Amsterdam to participate in the forum.

Andrew Freedman, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper’s Director of Marijuana Coordination, as well as Lewsi Koski, the director of Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division, will provide a statewide perspective to the symposium. Representatives from the State of Colorado’s Department of Public Health & Environment also will participate. Author Shawn Micallef will give the keynote address on Nov. 5.

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