Thursday, October 8, 2015

American Heart Association SouthWest Affiliate Releases RFP

There are 80 million adults (1 in 3 Americans) living with high blood pressure. Despite improved access to care, effective therapies, and proven lifestyle interventions, achieving success in hypertension control remains an increasing challenge. Nearly 46% (36.7 million) of adults with high blood pressure are not controlled to goal. 

In November 2013, the AHA, American College of Cardiology and Centers for Disease Control jointly published a new science advisory that urged doctors, other healthcare providers and hospitals to collaborate on programs that help patients control high blood pressure.

AHA set forth an aggressive goal to move 13.6 million Americans to control their high blood pressure by 2020. The Board of Directors for the SouthWest Affiliate has made hypertension control a priority and is demonstrating its commitment by making $500,000 available in funding for non-profit healthcare entities in Arkansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming to implement AHA’s evidence-based High Blood Pressure Algorithm. 

This RFP serves as a catalyst for institutions to make hypertension a priority by adopting guidelines and a team-base care approach to improve performance measures around hypertension management. The target goal for this request for proposal is for the healthcare systems to drive a minimum hypertension control rate of 70% and the healthcare system which achieves the highest control rate will receive an additional $10,000 bonus award. The maximum amount for an individual grant is $100,000. All applications must be submitted online no later than November 3 at 4pm Central Standard Time.

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