Monday, March 2, 2015

"Good to Know Colorado" Retail Marijuana Campaign Expands Across Colorado

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment launched statewide television advertising for its Good to Know retail marijuana education campaign. The campaign focuses on retail marijuana laws and health effects, including the ban on public use, age restrictions, DUI laws, dangers of overuse, safe storage and other concerns related to marijuana and marijuana-infused products.

Since the radio and social media launch in early January, the campaign has generated 35 million impressions through radio, print, and digital advertising. This resulted in 220 news stories, 41,500 visits to and engaged more than 7,000 social media users. Good to Know television ads, running through March 22, continue the neighborly approach aimed at educating users and nonusers alike.

“It is our obligation to spread reliable information on the safe and responsible use of marijuana to every corner of Colorado,” said Dr. Larry Wolk, health department executive director and chief medical officer. “Whether they use marijuana or not, all Coloradans will benefit from knowing more about the laws and potential health effects.”

The health department recently released “Monitoring Health Concerns Related to Marijuana,” an extensive review of available research on the health effects of marijuana. Wolk said this report and the department’s continued research into marijuana health effects through the Retail Marijuana Public Health Advisory Committee will guide strategy and messages for the 18-month education campaign.

In addition to its media campaign, the health department has initiated communication with community members, marijuana store owners and consumers on safe and responsible marijuana use. Health department experts are providing local public health agencies with training and resources. Point-of-sale materials will be distributed to marijuana store owners in March to encourage them to share information and to communicate with customers about marijuana laws, safe storage and the safe consumption of edible marijuana. Messages for youth, and pregnant and breastfeeding women will launch throughout the year. will continue to serve as the state portal for marijuana information from various state agencies and is separate from the Good to Know campaign.

The Good to Know educational campaign is a part of the $5.7 million in state marijuana sales tax revenue the state health department received to conduct research and evaluation, develop media campaigns and engage the community. Approximately $4 million will be spent on educational marketing campaigns. The remaining funds are for public health trend data, evaluation of education efforts, materials development, operating expenses and training and resource dissemination.

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