Thursday, January 22, 2015

Drink Different: Feasible Strategies to Reduce Obesity

Each day, Americans make choices about what they will eat and drink. Often, these are unhealthy ones, contributing to a national obesity rate of more than 33 percent. Lowering this rate is key to controlling rising health-care costs and improving quality of life. While many factors contribute to obesity, sugary drinks are among the greatest drivers. The Milken Institute has conducted the first-ever analysis of the effect lowering consumption of such drinks would have on public health and finances  and discovered that even a modest reduction would have a major health impact and generate solid economic dividends.
In 2030, if Americans consume on average three fewer 12-ounce sugar-sweetened drinks per month, compared to continuing on the current trend, the number of obese Americans would be reduced by 2.6 million. Reaching this goal would produce an overall savings of more than $25 billion for the U.S health-care system.

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