Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Jefferson County Public Schools’ employee wellness program inspiring healthy changes

This school year, Wellness Connections, the Jefferson County Public Schools’ employee wellness program, created customized fitness programs, called “Flourish with Fitness,” for various job types including: bus drivers, food service workers, custodial services, administrative staff and educators. 

These fitness programs (available in video format or a downloadable pdf) include strength training and stretching exercises that target the entire body. And the best part is that each program can be completed in 2-10 minutes with only a resistance band for equipment! (Participants receive a free resistance band as an incentive for completing an online health risk assessment.) 

For adults, research suggests that sitting may be the new smoking. Wellness Connections is aiming to help employees build more movement into their workday. Just 2 minutes of activity every 60 minutes can make a huge impact on overall well being, so one of the fitness programs, Sit for 60, Move for 2, was designed for administrative employees who have limited time to add in movement. 

To learn more, check out the full story at LiveWell Colorado.

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