Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Update on Statewide Retail Marijuana Education Efforts

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has been busy implementing new projects across a spectrum of education and prevention efforts to better inform and support local public health retail marijuana education and prevention initiatives.

The major initiatives are:
  1. State-wide education and prevention campaign: CDPHE is partnering with Cactus, a Denver based full-service integrated marketing communication agency, to develop and implement state-wide retail marijuana education campaigns. A general public education and awareness campaign, launching January 2015, will publicize accurate information outlining safe, legal, and responsible use of retail marijuana.  Additional campaigns will launch later in 2015 focusing on youth, tourists, Latinos, and pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  2. Community Campaign Resources: In compliment to the state-wide campaign, fact sheets and toolkits will be developed for community agencies, partners, and prevention programs. Toolkits will be available January 2015. Additional resources tailored to specific target populations will be developed throughout 2015. 
  3. Clinical prevention guidelines: CDPHE will partner with health care professionals and experts to develop clinical guidelines for physicians by early 2015 to assist in discussing marijuana use and exposure with patients. The first guidelines will address recommendations for pregnant and breastfeeding women followed by pediatric guidelines on safe storage of marijuana product and reducing secondhand marijuana smoke exposure.
  1. Marijuana-Free Schools: RMC Health is currently working with school districts around the state to address Tobacco Free Schools Policies. The Tobacco Free School Policy was expanded last year to include marijuana. RMC Health will provide information, educational materials and technical assistance to school districts on adopting marijuana in their policies.
  2. Evaluation of the campaigns: CDPHE has partnered with Colorado Schools of Public Health to evaluate the campaign. Colorado Schools of Public Health will continually monitor the campaign throughout 2015.  
  3. Five regional Positive Youth Development trainings will be held throughout the state starting early in 2015. The trainings will focus on the Positive Youth Development approach and its implementation across a wide range of local prevention programs.

  1. will serve as a hub for all information on retail marijuana across a wide variety of topics and concerns. The community agencies tab on the website allows local public health agencies, prevention programs and coalitions to request technical assistance on retail marijuana laws, educational materials and local level policy strategies.

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