Friday, October 10, 2014

Grants for Eligible Education Providers for Health Professionals

The Colorado Department of Education has release a new funding opportunity designed to provide matching funds to eligible education providers pursuant to the requirements of the School Health Professional Grant Program (22-96-101 through 22-96-105 C.R.S.). This program will enhance the presence of school health professionals in secondary schools throughout the state to facilitate better screening, education, and referral care coordination for secondary school students with substance abuse and other behavioral health needs. School Health Professionals include school nurses, school psychologists, school social workers and school counselors.

Purpose:This matching grant program exists to help secondary schools:
  1. Increase the presence of school health professionals in secondary schools to facilitate evidence based prevention education on substance abuse for all secondary students;
  2. Provide training and resources for school staff on the implementation of evidence-based programming on substance abuse prevention education for all students who are enrolled in secondary schools; and
  3. Allow school health professionals to connect students who are enrolled in secondary schools with services that are provided by community-based organizations for treatment and counseling for students who are at risk for substance abuse or other behavioral health concerns. 
Who is eligible to apply?Education Providers serving secondary students grades 7 through 12 are eligible to apply. Eligible Education Providers include:
  • A school district;
  • A Board of Cooperative Services (BOCES);
  • A Charter school authorized by a school district; or 
  • A Charter school authorized by the Charter School Institute. 
Available grant funding will be distributed to school(s) demonstrating high need based on these Priority Criteria:
  • Need for additional school health professionals, demonstrated by data regarding marijuana use by students and the number of marijuana establishments located within the boundaries of a school district;
  • Existence of a successful school health team in Education Provider’s school(s);
  • Amount of the matching funds that the Education Provider is able to commit;
  • Likelihood that the Education Provider will continue to fund the increases in the level of school health professional services following expiration of the grant.
One-page Overview of the Grant Program

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