Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Colorado Youth Summit Puts Students On A Path To Success

Courtesy of CBS Denver
Just one day after a deadly school shooting in Washington state, mentors and students in Colorado were taking action to keep students safe.
The 2014 Colorado Youth Summit took place Saturday at North High School with the focus on empowering teens and getting them involved.
Organizers said the summit was about helping youth be a part of the solution — one that will keep them in school, away from drugs and violence, and on the path for success.
The classrooms of North High transformed into stages of dance and theatre improvisation with direction from adult leaders and mentors. The students are building confidence through performing arts.
“We need to make sure that youth are connected so that they’re able to make good choices,” said Ana Soler with Colorado 9to25, a group of youth and adults working to align efforts and achieve positive outcomes for all youth.
Soler said the youth summit was aimed to create community in hopes of preventing poor choices, such as Friday’s deadly school shooting in Washington state; or the plight of three Overland High School students under investigation for allegedly trying to join Islamic State forces in Syria.
“We start with safe, healthy and educated as the bottom level of the hierarchy of needs, and then we want to focus on connected and contributing, because everyone needs to feel connected to something or to somebody,” Soler said.
Audra Bishop, Lesley Del Rio, Mary Jane Cassalia, Tomei Kuehl and Nkem Nwankwo of the Colorado Department of Public Health participated in planning and hosting the event.
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