Monday, September 22, 2014

Walgreens and HHS partner to offer free flu shots in communities

Flu season is here and I would like to inform you of a partnership between Walgreens and the Department of Health and Human Service (HHS) across the country to provide free flu shots to the underserved and uninsured.  Colorado, New Mexico, South Dakota & Wyoming have been allocated 25,000 vouchers or free flu shots. Walgreens is working with groups throughout the market to develop a plan to best utilize these vouchers.  We want to help as many people in need as possible.

We are offering two options:
1.       Setting up an onsite flu clinic  
2.       Providing vouchers to hand out in your communities.
In the past, we have seen limited results by just handing out these vouchers. Therefore, we would love to set up an onsite flu clinic with your organization.

Who is eligible:
Anyone aged 7 and up that does NOT have insurance OR can NOT afford the flu shot.

Cost and liability:
There is NO COST to the patients or organizations.  Walgreens is donating the flu shots and payroll needed to staff the events.  Walgreens holds full liability for providing the immunizations. (See our standard immunization off site agreement attached - section 4.1. Disregard billing information as these clinics would be donations.)

How to set up a clinic for your group or obtain vouchers:

1.  Review the program with your group and determine if a clinic or vouchers would work best. We request clinics to have a minimum of 50 people.

2.  Choose the location, date and time for your clinic - IDEALLY prior to Nov 30th to maximize patient benefit from the shot (it takes 2 weeks to become fully effective)  If Monday thru Friday, we would prefer to have the clinic held between 2-4pm where ever possible.

3.  Contact Kristi Mihok, Walgreens District Pharmacy Supervisor, via email to finalize the clinic details and review any questions. 

If interested, please contact Kristi Mihok directly and just let her know you are working with Zach Taylor or Lorenzo Olivas at HHS.  In your email, please include the following:

1.      Estimation of the # of flu shots expected (so that we can staff accordingly)
2.      Location and potential dates/times for your clinic (we ask for atleast two weeks notice)
3.      Name of the main contact for your clinic, their phone and email address

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