Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Local public health leaders and family and youth advocates come together to prioritize MCH efforts in Colorado

The seventh maternal and child health (MCH) needs assessment meeting was held last week as part of a series of 11 community conversations statewide.These meetings provide a platform to hear from local and state stakeholders engaged in MCH in Colorado.

Nearly 30 public health professionals and family and youth leaders joined the most recent discussion, which took place in Fort Collins at the Public Health in the Rockies Conference. These youth and family advocates provided input on which MCH priorities should drive state and local efforts for the next five-year period, from 2016-2020.

Based on needs they've seen within their own communities, these leaders shared ideas about improving the health and well‐being of women, children, youth including those with special health care needs and families. An interactive “High Five” activity engaged individuals in small groups as they chose five MCH priorities that are of high importance, align with existing MCH efforts, and that can have a measurable impact on the target population in the five-year period. 

image (4).jpegParticipants identified issues such as obesity, mental health, sexual health, transitions, and socio-emotional screening and referral as important among women, children, youth including those with special health care needs, and families.

Gina Febbraro is the project manager for the MCH needs assessment, and has been leading these statewide conversations since August. Working with an MCH advisory group, Gina and her MCH colleagues will use this local input to identify and select new priorities. Visit the MCH webpage for more information and to join an upcoming conversation.

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  1. Well done! I am gratified that you have shared this important news with me. Thanks!