Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Truth Campaign Aims to End Youth Smoking in U.S.

Did you know the U.S. teen smoking rate was 23% back in the year 2000? That was before Legacy launched the truth® national youth smoking prevention campaign, which has helped to bring the current rate down to below 10%. Fantastic progress!

Legacy launched a bold new chapter in the truth® campaign designed to reach and empower young people ages 15-21. The goal is to “FINISH IT”, to end youth smoking in the United States once and for all. We’re talkin’ about a revolution, a viral movement, that rallies teens and empowers them to get involved. A collective human voice to counteract the nine billion dollar annual voice of the tobacco industry.

Over time there will be television, radio, social network, cinema elements, along with a 100-event grassroots tour. For now,

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