Thursday, August 7, 2014

Moving the Mark on Tobacco Disparities Literature Review Project

In Spring 2014, the Statewide Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders, completed a coordinated literature review to rate and prioritize evidence-based strategies to address disparately-affected populations with disproportionate burden from tobacco in Colorado.

The boot camp participants looked at 6 population groups with higher burden from tobacco (as identified in TABS): low-SES, race and ethnicity (African American, Hispanic/Latino and Native American), 18-24 Year Old Straight to Work (STW) Young Adults, Youth, Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual (LGB) and Behavioral Health. Some common strategies and themes emerged from the literature review. There were also a number of gaps identified, including a number of evidence-based strategies that have not been implemented with these populations or promising practices that have not been studied effectively.

Ultimately this process will inform the tobacco cessation work in Colorado and will support a strategic decision making process as we strive to make progress towards our 2020 Strategic Plan goals.

To learn more about the process, review the findings and explore the research - click Here.

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