Friday, July 18, 2014

Testimonials Needed for American Indian Commercial Tobacco Program

The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, in partnership with National Jewish Health, is developing a special Colorado QuitLine program designed specifically to address the needs of the Native American population around commercial tobacco use. American Indians are more likely to smoke and have more difficulty quitting than those in other racial and ethnic groups. Although American Indian adult tobacco users express a strong interest in quitting, they have lower quit rates and are among the least successful in maintaining long term abstinence.

As we design and pilot the American Indian Commercial Tobacco Program through the Colorado QuitLine, we feel it’s important to respect the role ceremonial tobacco has played in tribal culture while educating commercial tobacco users on the effect it has on health, family and finances. This program is still in development and we will be sharing more information about it as it becomes available.

To successfully launch the pilot program, and to accomplish our goal of providing a comprehensive resource, we’re asking for testimonials from those American Indians who have made the change to remove or reduce commercial tobacco use, along with stated positions of community elders on commercial tobacco use. Your valuable input will go a long way in promoting this great opportunity. Contact Seth Skelton at to share your testimonial today.

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