Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Reaching Our Peak - Report on State of Health in Colorado

This Colorado Health Institute project is an annual analysis of the impact of policies, programs and politics on statewide efforts designed to make Colorado a healthier state.
Progress is measured in five important areas – schools, the workplace, communities, the health care delivery system and the places where we age.Grading is based on key informant interviews, a review of the data, a thorough review of the literature and on-site visits to promising programs across the state.
Its analysis of where Colorado stands in its journey to better health uses a familiar image: A hiker heading toward the top of a mountain. In 2014, Colorado improved in the communities and schools categories, stayed the same in aging and the workplace, and moved lower in the health care delivery system.  To read the report, go to  For more information about wellness promotion and other wellness related issues, contact .

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