Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pharmacists Fighting Tobacco Use? CDC Launches Website Targeted at Most Accessible Provider

A new tobacco cessation resource is available for pharmacists and health care providers - including oral health care specialists, primary care providers, those doing tobacco cessation work in Colorado and many more. While these resources are primarily intended for pharmacists, this website supports opportunities for health care providers to work in partnership with professionals in similar fields, to assist tobacco users in their efforts to quit.

A new Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website capitalizes on the pharmacist’s position as the most accessible health care provider to encourage patients to quit smoking. The website, created in mid-June 2014, includes resources specifically geared toward creating a pharmacy-based tobacco intervention program. Content sources include the Office on Smoking and Health and the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

The resources include 2 "Frequently Asked Question" sheets, 1 covering health care providers and the second covering quitlines (evidence-based tobacco cessation interventions); printable intervention cards; a video detailing steps to conduct brief patient interventions; and a link to various stop-smoking videos and print ads.

Additional resources include posters specifically encouraging patients to speak to their pharmacist, videos, print ads, and other campaign materials related to the CDC’s Tips from Former Smokers Campaign.

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by Eileen Oldfield, Associate Editor

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