Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Community Dental Health Program Grants Available

The Colorado Dental Association’s Community Dental Health Program is being established to help find and implement collaborative solutions to improve the dental health of urban and rural Colorado communities and build partnerships between communities and their dentists to improve oral health and access to care. The Community Dental Health Program has two primary goals:
  • Build pilot programs that will seek to establish sustainable dental practices in underserved urban and rural communities that are willing to partner to find solutions for increased access to dental care.
  • Research and develop a hub-and-spoke model for dentistry in underserved Colorado communities that utilizes remote and tele-technologies; partners with other health, dental and hygiene practitioners; and integrates into community anchor institutions to improve the long-term dental health of Colorado communities. 

To accomplish this mission, the Colorado Dental Association and its partners are seeking a
qualified consultant to establish and lead this program. The program will focus on the following
  • Identify communities through data research and outreach that need improved access to dental care
  • Identify communities that serve as a geographic, commercial and health base for a region to anchor hub-and-spoke practices
  • Research and create individualized programs to best meet the dental health needs of targeted communities and regions
  • Focus on building partnerships with hospitals, primary care practices and other community health and social anchors
  • Enlist support of key community leaders and institutions to help support the dental practice and integrate the dentist into the community
  • Find ways in which communities can “invest” in dental practices through cost-sharing and facility co-location.
The Colorado Dental Association envisions that this program may be funded in part or in whole through grants and other nonprofit/foundation support. Identifying and applying for funding will be a critical part of sustaining this program. A successful proposal for this project will demonstrate the following abilities. Please note that we are not seeking a full-time employee. 
  • Proficiency in researching, interpreting and analyzing diverse data
  • Ability to work collaboratively and independently to achieve the program’s goals
  • Strong interpersonal and outreach skills, as well as excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Background in identifying funding sources and in writing grant applications 
Please draft a proposal detailing your strategic recommendations for the above topics and how 
your consulting practice will accomplish these goals. We ask that you include the following 
information in your proactive proposal: 
  • Overall strategy supporting the issues detailed above
  • Tactical recommendations
  • Coalition building techniques and potential partners
  • Other components you feel are unique to this project
  • Details about your firm (proposed retainer, sample client list, relevant case studies related to health/oral health industry, proposed team and their bios). 
All proposals are due to CDA Executive Director Greg Hill via e-mail ( by 5 
p.m. MT on Friday, August 8, 2014. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail Greg or call 
(303) 740-6900. 

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