Monday, June 2, 2014

HCPF asking for input on eConsult system

The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing needs help designing an electronic consultation (eConsult) system to improve access to and utilization of specialty care medical services in the Medicaid program. The Department plans to provide financial incentives to providers for participating in the eConsult program.

Geographic distances, regional shortages of specialists, and transportation limitations frequently affect both a patient’s and primary care provider’s access to specialty care. Specialists are also often overwhelmed by demands for their services. An eConsult system is one potential solution to these problems. In the appropriate clinical context, eConsult provides an online tool to help primary care and specialist providers communicate and share necessary medical information to determine appropriate treatment plans for primary care implementation or to confirm the need for a specialist visit. eConsult systems can lead to a reduction of unnecessary specialist appointments, improve primary care disease management capabilities, decrease wait times and reduce patient no-shows for specialty care appointments.

Please fill out this brief survey to tell us your preferences for the new eConsult system:

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