Thursday, June 12, 2014

Did You Know, Colorado? June 12, 2014

  • The School Health Profiles (Profiles) is a system of surveys assessing school health policies and practices in states, large urban school districts, territories, and tribal governments. Profiles surveys are conducted biennially by education and health agencies among middle and high school principals and lead health education teachers. 
  • CDC fact sheets with 2012 Colorado data are available on HIV, STD, and pregnancy prevention topics; chronic disease prevention topics; and health education, asthma, and school health coordination topics
  • In Colorado, 86.4% of schools required physical education for students in any of grades 6-12; 83.1% of schools did not have soda pop or fruit drinks that are not 100% juice available in vending machines or at the school store or snack bar; and 58.3% of schools prohibited all tobacco use at all times in all locations.*
* Data source: 2012 School Health Profiles
For more information about chronic disease data in Colorado, contact Renee Calanan.

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