Monday, May 5, 2014

Know the Burning Truth about Tanning Myths

A Base Tan Is Not a Safe Tan. There is a common misconception that a tan acts as the body's natural protection against sunburn. The Burning Truth: A tan is the body's response to injury from UV rays, showing that damage has been done. A "base tan" only provides a sun protection factor (SPF) of about 3 or less, which does little to protect you from future UV exposure.

Tanned Skin Is Not Healthy Skin. Some people believe the tanning bed gives them a "healthy glow." The Burning Truth: Whether tanning or burning, you are exposing yourself to harmful UV rays that damage your skin. In fact, every time you tan, you increase your risk of melanoma. The truly healthy glow is your natural skin color.

Controlled Tanning Is Not Safe Tanning. You may have heard that indoor tanning is the safer way to tan because you can control your level of exposure to UV rays. The Burning Truth: Sensible indoor tanning is a myth. Indoor tanning exposes you to intense UV rays, increasing your risk of melanoma—the second most common cancer in women between 20 and 29 years old.

The Burning Truth is a Centers for Disease Control initiative encouraging teen girls and young women to keep their skin healthy and beautiful for life by avoiding indoor tanning and protecting themselves from the sun when outdoors.

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