Thursday, April 17, 2014

Persistent 'silent' problem

Suicide rate in Colorado remains shockingly high

It is consistently referred to as a "silent" problem in Colorado: A suicide rate that, year after year, remains shockingly high. But the adjective just refers to how we treat suicide.

When someone loses a loved one to, say, cancer or a vehicle accident they might wear a colored ribbon with thousands of other people at a fund-raiser; they might build a roadside memorial. Friends and colleagues might feel unburdened when offering condolences or empathizing. Suicide, an act of violence often preceded by months or years of emotional struggle, is frankly hard for most people to talk about. The unanswered questions it usually leaves behind can stymie conversations between even those quite intimate with it.

That's where the silence ends: Suicide is a well-known, well-documented and widely reported problem in our state. It has been for a long time. Colorado consistently has had one of the highest suicide rates in the nation; it is the leading cause of death for Coloradans aged 10 to 34.

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