Wednesday, March 5, 2014

State health releases 2013 Colorado Health and Environmental Assessment

The  2013 Colorado Health and Environmental Assessment is the result of a collaborative process to collect, analyze and present data and information that tell a timely and accurate story about Colorado's health status. It was developed using multiple sources and methodologies with effort from a wide range of partners. It was developed from more than 50 content contributors and 100 internal and external data sources to portray the health of all citizens in all areas of Colorado.  

This latest assessment provides a basis for efficiently and effectively mobilizing assets to improve the lives of Colorado's residents and visitors. It will be instrumental as partners are reconvened to develop the 2014 Statewide Public and Environmental Health Improvement Plan. To learn more about the assessment, how it was put together and what it means for Colorado, go to the Colorado Health Assessment web page or contact Cambria Brown

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