Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Prediabetes Campaign Broadens Awareness of Hypertension as Risk Factor

The relaunch of the Prediabetes Awareness campaign on CBS media, which kicked off this week, has expanded to include a full menu of Spanish content. The campaign also highlights hypertension as a prediabetes risk factor.

Long-term damage to the cardiovascular system may occur while a person has prediabetes. According to the CDC, up to 20% of deaths from heart attack and 15% of deaths from stroke are related to diabetes or prediabetes. 

Understanding and managing risk factors can help people delay or prevent diabetes and live a longer, better life. Making a few small changes to eat healthier and be more active can make a big difference. The evidence-based Diabetes Prevention Program effectively helps support these lifestyle changes and can cut the chance of developing type 2 diabetes in half.

  • Click here to learn more about the diabetes and heart disease connection. 
  • Click here to  find a recognized Diabetes Prevention Program in Colorado.

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