Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Did You Know, Colorado? February 5, 2014

·       Heart disease is the second leading cause of death among Coloradans, and stroke is the fifth leading cause of death. In 2010, an estimated 2,041 avoidable deaths from heart disease, stroke, and hypertensive disease occurred in Colorado, with southeastern Colorado having the highest rates.

·       The Community Preventive Services Task Force’s 2013 annual report to Congress outlines proven means to reduce cardiovascular disease and gaps in the evidence about how to prevent it.

·       Health departments and community organizations can work with health care systems to monitor national quality indicators, carry out quality improvements (e.g., team-based care), and use health information technology to control high blood pressure; promote smoking quitlines, tobacco-free areas, safe walking areas, and access to healthy food; and partner with hospitals to perform a community health needs assessment to ensure interventions reach those most in need.

For more information about chronic disease data in Colorado, contact Renee Calanan

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